Pink Facts | Angels on Earth


by Megan Clouse

The art of saying thank you sometimes gets lost in our busy days, but I’m a firm believer that our lives are enriched when we slow down just enough to acknowledge something kind.  I send quick thank you’s via text and email for a small deed, a hand written note for something more special, and my ultimate thank you for something really special is a public acknowledgment; to show the world my appreciation.

Over a year ago I wrote and submitted a piece to Guideposts magazine; my account of how special my hospital breast care coordinator was to me while I went through treatments.  Months and months ticked by without a word so I figured the story was gone forever; buried in some east coast landfill.  While I sat in California having given up and moved on, a NYC editor resurrected it from her stack of desk papers and it is now published!

Mind you it’s not what I wrote it all, and it went from pages to mere paragraphs, but the effect and gratitude is still the same.  Thank you Vicki for helping me through a difficult time.


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