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Name: Alison Ellis Business name: Floral Artistry by Alison Bucholz-Ellis Business description: Boutique floral design.  I specialize in weddings and events with a focus on high quality flowers and superior design technique. Location: Jericho, Vermont How long have you been in business: I started my business in 2002 and I am entering my 9th season […]

By Kathleen Doheny Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD Breast lumps are common. Can you separate myth from fact? About 40% of women will discover a breast lump at some point in their lives. Although a lump doesn’t necessarily mean cancer, what women do immediately after that discovery can mean the difference between survival or not.  […]

I’m proud to announce a new Pink Initiative blog series titled Pink Facts; a twice a month series written by Pink Initiative board member Megan Clouse, a California based photographer who in 2009 conquered breast cancer at the age of 37. Topics will range from current breast cancer research, health, prevention, and at times a […]

Name: Cheryl Ungar Business name: Cheryl Ungar Weddings Business description: wedding photographer Location: Colorado How long have you been in business: 24 years How did you get started in weddings: My career began as a photojournalist at a daily newspaper, followed by a foray into the commercial and architectural photography world. By the encouragement of […]

It’s truly inspiring to see our vendor members take our message to heart and host events on our behalf. Florida vendor sponsor Élan Event Studio recently hosted one such event in Tampa, a networking evening with over 100 attendees! Owners Monica Varner and Erica Shelton explained the beautifully fun pink photos above: As guests entered […]