Name: Lisa Marie Rovito

Business name: Orange & Blossom; High Tea for Alice

Business description: We’re a small, inviting online boutique of handcrafted, DIY &  vintage wedding embellishments. And… we just launched a line of custom tea & cake stands made of fine European china. Yes, I drill holes in collectable plates, cups, and saucers… but very carefully.

Location: Online, but based in Southern California/Orange County

How long have you been in business? We just celebrated our one-year anniversary

How did you get started in weddings? Throughout high school and college, I had my heart set on becoming an editor at a weddings magazine. I landed a job as an editor at Bridal Guide magazine a few years after graduation. Since then, I’ve always balanced writing & editing with some involvement in weddings. I can’t stay away! I opened the boutique as a response to the many impersonal online wedding superstores. I wanted  a warm place for brides to browse and get lost in ideas.

What is your favorite part of working in the wedding industry? My favorite days are the ones in which a bride emails to say that the crystal necklace or the vintage shrug or the custom flower girl petal cones were absolutely perfect for her wedding. If she sends a photo of her celebration to boot, I usually get a little teary. I’m so touched to be a part of someone’s beautiful day like this on an ongoing basis, even in a small way.

Why did you get involved with Pink Initiative? When I was starting to think about going into business for myself, I quickly met many women who were there with good advice & smart suggestions. I wanted to become part of something larger than myself, something that affects so many women on many levels each day.

Favorite use of pink: Paired with gold on vintage European china as part of our custom tea stands. I melt!


by Megan Clouse

I’ve come to find that after having cancer I celebrate about as many anniversaries as a giddy teen girl with her first boyfriend. There’s the first date anniversary, first kiss anniversary, first dance anniversary, etc. Despite my teens being very far behind me, I’ve come to note many occasions in this crazy journey; diagnosis anniversary, cancer-free anniversary (the most important) and the finished treatments anniversary, which is my topic today.

It was one year ago that I walked out of the radiation building, saying goodbye to treatments and cancer for good. In honor of that special day, I’ve attached an excerpt from my blog that I wrote a year ago.


June 8, 2009 at 10:15 in the morning, officially marked the end* of my BC treatments.

The radiation therapy staff gave me big smiles, warm wishes and an award: “Megan Clouse has completed the prescribed course of radiation therapy with high order of proficiency in the science and art of being cheerful, has demonstrated outstandingly high courage and has been tolerant and determined in all orders given and is thereby entitled to this Award of Merit.”

The morning started off with a hand drawn note from Mike saved as the wallpaper on my computer and then for an extra surprise he was waiting for me next to my car as I exited the building. He was grinning from ear to ear and holding the most beautiful bouquet of flowers I’ve ever seen! I hugged him a good long time and let my eyes well up with tears. It’s been a long journey!

Every time I begin typing a sentence on how exciting this milestone is, my mental words halt. It is very exciting! It is! Yet, now what? I’ve worked hard to get to this point and I’m so grateful to be disease free (since Jan. 6th) yet do I really want to step back into the “real” world? It’s mentally complicated and I have difficulty processing my thoughts and emotions on this topic. I’ve looked forward to having all of you there with me each day; reading, listening, praying and commenting and I want to keep all of you close by my side – I don’t want to give this up. For now let’s just keep it open, because I know I’ll have more to say and I don’t want to stop quite yet; not today.

*The last big leg of this journey is the 5 year drug that I will begin in a couple weeks. In simple form, it is an extra measure taken to keep the BC from ever coming back. As fire needs oxygen, my type of BC needed estrogen. The drug side effects can sway heavily from one person to the other, so I’m asking for continued prayers as my body adjusts to this drug in the coming months. In essence, I can have most of the menopause side effects but with the possibility of menstruation, and I’m still fertile (maybe even more so), but under no circumstances can I allow myself to get pregnant. Fun huh!?

I always thought BC was simple. Remove it and move on. Yet it’s so much more…

by Megan Clouse

There is a new and promising report that was recently published giving hope to a new method of eradicating cancer tumors; specifically breast cancer!  It’s easy to get our hopes up for treatments, but I have strong hopes for this up and coming technology, because it really makes sense!

“The University of Michigan researchers are participating in a national clinical trial to evaluate using cryoablation for early stage breast cancer. Participants will undergo rapid freezing of their tumor, and their blood samples will be analyzed to assess changes in their immune system. All participants will be treated three to four weeks later with standard surgery to remove their tumor.”

Let us all hope that we watch this trial develop into a new method of treatment!  Click HERE to read the entire AOL Health story.

by Megan Clouse

Having mentors and role models in our lives are an important ingredient to keeping our lives on track and the same holds very true when faced with cancer.   When I was diagnosed, I latched onto the strength and successful outcomes of Lance Armstrong, Christina Applegate and Sheryl Crow and their health and perseverance brought me great strength! So when I recently saw Sheryl on the Dr. Oz television show I wanted to hear what she had to say!  I pulled some key tidbits that I think are wise and wonderful.

• Sheryl Crow was 44 when diagnosed and she now looks at life differently.  She’s learned to say “no” more often and listens to her own voice.

• “You have to let go of what the picture is that you paint sometimes and move toward the direction of creating space in your life for the real blessings to come in.”

• “My health is rockin’ today!”

And from one of her doctors, Kristi Funk, MD:

The root of breast cancer is a genetic change but the cancer is fed and fueled by estrogen (for the common estrogen based type of cancer) so it is so important to feed your body foods that decrease that “estrogen fuel”.  Incorporate these into your daily diet:

Colorful Veggies, Sea Veggies (kelp), Green Tea, Garlic, Olive Oil, Turmeric Spice, 2000IU Vitamin D (+ some natural sunshine), and all research points to inflammation as a key component to causing cancer so do some research and find ways to keep your body inflammation down!!

In my situation I’ve found the nutritional drink MonaVie to be a tremendous source of health and anti-inflammatory properties.  Do your research and find what will be best for you!  And just the other day a plate of nachos became my dinner while sitting in the bleachers watching baseball, but I balance out my sometimes bad with good.  Just do your best, incorporate a small change each month and before you know it, you’ll be on track for a better you!

Stylish wedding garter designer, The Garter Girl by Julianne Smith, and wedding blog, Snippet & Ink, teamed up to design two very special wedding garters that will benefit women all over the world. The proceeds from these two stylish wedding garters will be donated to The Pink Initiative.

The first wedding garter design is ivory, scarlet red and black. It is based on a popular Snippet & Ink wedding inspiration board entitled “Le Rouge Bassier.” Click here for more information and to order this garter.

The second wedding garter design is aqua blue, coral orange and white, based on a similarly colored Snippet & Ink inspiration board. Click here for more information and to order this garter. Both wedding garters are hand made by The Garter Girl by Julianne Smith.

by Megan Clouse

Bad news is a part of life and we all will have moments that we’ll be faced with.  When those days come our reactions might not be perfect, but they’ll still be important.  So if you know of someone who has been diagnosed with cancer just speak from your heart; whatever that might be.  And if you don’t know what to say, that’s normal too.  Just pick up the phone and say that; “I heard the news and I don’t know what to say.”

With that said, I thought I’d share a “blog flashback” from my own personal blog titled What Do You Say; one of my favorites.

What Do You Say?

October 21, 2008

Mike and I have made dozens of phone calls in the last few days and I’d say the number one feeling while dialing the numbers was dread.  I like to call people to uplift them, to catch up and laugh, not to make them sad or worried.  But what do you do…not all days can be as planned.  But once again, in all of this, I found a lot of humor in how people reacted.  With that, here are some of my favorite comments.

Keep me abreast to…oh…I’m so sorry!  Keep me updated.

Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!  I feel like I should say something more comforting than oh shit.

Oh, Megan!  What the…I mean…well…what the hell is going on!?  (this was said with abundant worry)

Well that’s just Bullshit!!!  (when discussing this cancer vs. my age)

by Megan Clouse

Yes, we need to find a cure for cancers, but in the meantime we need to increase the good we put into our body and decrease the bad and green tea is a good start!

Plus we are all seeking ways to get healthier, drop a couple winter pounds, cut food expenses and have more energy and this tea recipe covers all of these hot topics!  (oh, and did I mention it’s easy!)  In today’s Pink Fact I will be covering an easy recipe for cool, refreshing, energy-boosting Green Tea.

HEALTHIER:  Soda (regular or diet), Red Bull, Lattes; they do not work in our favor and they add unhealthy chemicals and calories into our body.

WEIGHT:  I call this tea “motivation juice”.  We all have no shortage of tasks and goals to complete, but sometimes we have trouble focusing and motivating and this drink gives that healthy caffeine kick to get us back on track and get moving!

COST:  The cost per day is somewhere in the realm of .10 cents!

ENERGY:  Unlike sugary caffeine, green tea gives a steady, level boost of energy without the “crash”.

EASY:  And if all of that wasn’t enough, it’s easy to make!  I make one pitcher and it lasts me about a week.  Here are the steps:

1.  Purchase the best brand of Green Tea you can find.  Currently I’m using a blend of Cherry Green Tea & Peach White Tea (one teabag each).

2. Boil water.

3. Add 2 two teabags to pitcher and pour in hot water. Add 3-4 bags if you prefer a stronger tea.

4. Steep for about an hour.

5. Remove bags from pitcher and pour tea into your stainless or glass grab-n-go container (do not use plastic).  I prefer reusable glass juice containers that I’ve found at my local market.  I drink the juice, remove the paper label and reuse the bottle for months.  Do not fill to the top, leave some room for the next ingredient.

6. Don’t defeat the health benefits with added sweeteners, so to make the drink a bit more enjoyable, pour in a small amount of organic fruit juice to top it off.  Look for juice with no sugar added!

7. Put containers in the fridge and now you’re ready!  Just grab and go and sip on it throughout the day.