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by Megan Clouse I’ve come to find that after having cancer I celebrate about as many anniversaries as a giddy teen girl with her first boyfriend. There’s the first date anniversary, first kiss anniversary, first dance anniversary, etc. Despite my teens being very far behind me, I’ve come to note many occasions in this crazy […]

by Megan Clouse There is a new and promising report that was recently published giving hope to a new method of eradicating cancer tumors; specifically breast cancer!  It’s easy to get our hopes up for treatments, but I have strong hopes for this up and coming technology, because it really makes sense! “The University of […]

by Megan Clouse Having mentors and role models in our lives are an important ingredient to keeping our lives on track and the same holds very true when faced with cancer.   When I was diagnosed, I latched onto the strength and successful outcomes of Lance Armstrong, Christina Applegate and Sheryl Crow and their health and […]

by Megan Clouse Bad news is a part of life and we all will have moments that we’ll be faced with.  When those days come our reactions might not be perfect, but they’ll still be important.  So if you know of someone who has been diagnosed with cancer just speak from your heart; whatever that […]

by Megan Clouse Yes, we need to find a cure for cancers, but in the meantime we need to increase the good we put into our body and decrease the bad and green tea is a good start! Plus we are all seeking ways to get healthier, drop a couple winter pounds, cut food expenses […]

By Kathleen Doheny Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD Breast lumps are common. Can you separate myth from fact? About 40% of women will discover a breast lump at some point in their lives. Although a lump doesn’t necessarily mean cancer, what women do immediately after that discovery can mean the difference between survival or not.  […]

I’m proud to announce a new Pink Initiative blog series titled Pink Facts; a twice a month series written by Pink Initiative board member Megan Clouse, a California based photographer who in 2009 conquered breast cancer at the age of 37. Topics will range from current breast cancer research, health, prevention, and at times a […]