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Name: Megan Clouse PI role: secretary Business affiliation: Megan Clouse Photography Location: Sonoma, California Hometown: Forestville, California Favorite use of pink: hot pink cashmere cardigan Why I got involved: As a wedding photographer and a recent breast cancer conqueror, I feel passionate about being a positive face and role model to the women who have […]

name: Emilie Sommer PI role: founder and president business affiliation: emilie inc. photography, News Wedding Photographers & Roots Workshop location: Portland, ME hometown: Hollis, NH why I got involved: As you may know, I have been giving a portion of emilie inc. proceeds to breast cancer research for the last several years, and more recently […]

name: Liene Stevens PI role: Public Relations business affiliation: Blue Orchid Designs and Splendid Communications location: Scottsdale, AZ hometown: Phoenix, AZ why I got involved: While I would love to save the world, I really believe that each of us best serves when we are involved with causes close to our heart. That said, breast […]

name: J Sandifer PI role: Web Manager business affiliation: liveBooks sales consultant and associate photographer for emilie inc. location: Portland, ME hometown: Batesville, IN why I got involved: I have given my time and energy because I feel that the wedding photography industry can make a great impact on finding a cure for breast cancer. […]

name: Kelsie KnightPI role: donation trackerbusiness affiliation: emilie inc. client representativelocation: Portland, MEhometown: Hillsboro, NH why i got involved: Nearly all of us know someone who has cancer today, or someone that had it – and beat it – those are the good stories! There are many family members and friends in my life that […]

I couldn’t be more excited to announce the board of directors on this Thanksgiving holiday!! Many, many heartfelt thanks to four of my favorite people who have volunteered their time and talent to serve as the founding board members for the Pink Initiative. They are: • Liene Stevens: founder of Blue Orchid Designs and The […]