Pink Facts | More Surgery


by Megan Clouse

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again and again… dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis is nothing like I thought it would be.  It’s much more involved, even with the cancer gone and life back to normal.

Two weeks ago I went in for some more reconstruction surgery; to remove the implant that hardened from last year’s radiation, to remove constricting scar tissue and to try to gain some more symmetry with my natural breast and (what I like to call) my “bionic breast”.  I’m happy to report that the surgery was very successful and so far I’m very pleased with my results!

I have to say… surgery is always an interesting endeavor.  First of all I go through a few days of panic fearing that I’ll be one of those weird cases you hear about where someone healthy dies on the operating table; I can probably thank my mom’s paranoid nature for that passed-down trait.  But, I always wake up with a, “Yes!!  I lived through it!”  With all of those bad thoughts that precede surgery, I have to say that I was very calm all the way up to the last moment I was awake and I attribute it to having Mike by my side most of the time, the great nursing/doctor staff, and the loopiness from the motion sickness patch didn’t hurt either.

Photo note:  A quick iphone snapshot of me before surgery.  Because I’ve had lymph nodes removed, and I’m trying to avoid Lymphedema at all costs, it’s very important that I never, ever have a needle or blood pressure cuff on my surgery side, so the nurse kindly wrote it out with a sharpie so it was very clear to everyone.


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