Pink Facts | Take Photos!


by Megan Clouse

Most of us only think of picking up our point-n-shoot camera when there is a celebration or goofy family moment, but as a photographer, I can appreciate the importance of documenting all of the moments even the ones that aren’t full of smiles.  It might feel awkward at the time, but I can almost guarantee that you’ll look back and find appreciation in that time and in many cases you’ll find the lessons that helped you grow.

This is just what I did over a year ago.  I phoned a fellow photographer/friend and we documented the time when I was bald from chemo.  Yes, it was awkward.  Yes, it is somewhat difficult for me still to see the photos (just picking one to share with you was difficult).  BUT, I’m so grateful I have some photos to remember that time!

The flipside is to not forget the victory on the other side!  Document the triumphs and the joys!  You don’t necessarily have to hire a professional, just ask a friend, let go of your inhibitions and have some fun!

Many thanks to Douglas Thompson for both images!


One Response to “Pink Facts | Take Photos!”

  1. Consistently inspiring, you are, Megan! Thank you for sharing your journey with us all. xo

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