Pink Facts | What’s Your Cause?


by Megan Clouse

The current issue of Town & Country magazine poses the question “What’s Your Cause?” on its July 2010 cover with front to back pages filled with stories of everyday people (and some a bit more famous) making a difference in their community and around the world! One story in particular (Harlem’s Cancer Crusader) shares how one doctor is making a large impact in a neighborhood that had some of the highest levels of cancer due in part to the large poverty level. He and his devoted staff have been “chipping away at disparities in the community’s access to health care for cervical, colon, prostate and breast cancers” with an astounding 13,000 visits in 2009 alone!

Yes, there’s so much need in every corner of our planet and sometimes it can be daunting, but let’s not forget how one person’s vision can grow and spread and impact a community, a family and generations.

I suspect that Emilie Sommer’s vision was along the same lines a Dr. Freeman’s when he began his crusade and I’m certain that Pink Initiative will continue to expand and impact women and families.

With that said, don’t forget Pink Initiative’s upcoming Breast Cancer Screening Day with the Dana Farber Cancer Institute mobile mammography van and the Martha Eliot Health Center in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, on October 26th!

So I’ll pose the same question as the magazine did…What is YOUR cause?  Please consider joining Pink Initiative’s cause on October 26 and help make a difference, because every little bit counts!

Stay tuned for more details on this exciting screening day!


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