Pink Facts | Sheryl Crow


by Megan Clouse

Having mentors and role models in our lives are an important ingredient to keeping our lives on track and the same holds very true when faced with cancer.   When I was diagnosed, I latched onto the strength and successful outcomes of Lance Armstrong, Christina Applegate and Sheryl Crow and their health and perseverance brought me great strength! So when I recently saw Sheryl on the Dr. Oz television show I wanted to hear what she had to say!  I pulled some key tidbits that I think are wise and wonderful.

• Sheryl Crow was 44 when diagnosed and she now looks at life differently.  She’s learned to say “no” more often and listens to her own voice.

• “You have to let go of what the picture is that you paint sometimes and move toward the direction of creating space in your life for the real blessings to come in.”

• “My health is rockin’ today!”

And from one of her doctors, Kristi Funk, MD:

The root of breast cancer is a genetic change but the cancer is fed and fueled by estrogen (for the common estrogen based type of cancer) so it is so important to feed your body foods that decrease that “estrogen fuel”.  Incorporate these into your daily diet:

Colorful Veggies, Sea Veggies (kelp), Green Tea, Garlic, Olive Oil, Turmeric Spice, 2000IU Vitamin D (+ some natural sunshine), and all research points to inflammation as a key component to causing cancer so do some research and find ways to keep your body inflammation down!!

In my situation I’ve found the nutritional drink MonaVie to be a tremendous source of health and anti-inflammatory properties.  Do your research and find what will be best for you!  And just the other day a plate of nachos became my dinner while sitting in the bleachers watching baseball, but I balance out my sometimes bad with good.  Just do your best, incorporate a small change each month and before you know it, you’ll be on track for a better you!


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