vendor sponsor spotlight: Kelly Segré



Name: Kelly Segré
Business Name: Kelly Segré Photography co-owner & photographer
Location: Ventura, CA
Favorite use of pink: Thats a hard one, since everything I have seems to be pink…but I’ll say my website and hair 🙂

Why you got involved: In this past year two of my friends, both who are under the age of 35, were diagnosed with breast cancer. They both have had to have double mastectomies and are currently under going treatment. As a friend I feel helpless in so many ways to help. While I have always been a strong advocate for women’s issues, the pink initiative is giving me an opportunity to do my part! Because of this as of May 1, 2009, as a company we made the decision to donate 10% of the package price of every wedding booked to the pink initiative!

Thank you for your recent donation of $160, Kelly!


One Response to “vendor sponsor spotlight: Kelly Segré”

  1. Pink hair…I think that is a new one! Thanks for joining the cause and terrific photography!

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