vendor sponsor spotlight: Kattia Gordon



Name: Kattia Gordon
Business Name: Aleximani Events, owner
Location: Copiague, NY
Favorite use of pink: The Pink Intiative logo is proudly displayed on my blog, my website and Facebook page.

Why I got involved: I got involved with the Pink Initiative because when I think about the fact that we are in 2009 and have not found a cure for this very invasive and ravaging disease, I know that something has to be done. We have to be at the brink on a cure. Just this year alone I have two friends who are dealing with cancer in their moms. Last year another friend lost her mother and I could make a list of people near and far affected by this decease. I am not a doctor or scientist but if in a small way I could help to drive the cure for this non discriminating decease then I will do it. I have decided that as I live my life I want everything that I do to be in purpose, and what greater purpose than using my gifts to help find a cure. For my daughters , for my grandchildren and for all of those who did not see their dreams come true. I have a favorite song that sums it up, “If I could touch somebody as I go my way, then my living will not be in vain. I plan to host a bridal expo in the future and donate part of the proceeds to The Pink Initiative.


2 Responses to “vendor sponsor spotlight: Kattia Gordon”

  1. Way to go Kattia! Check out our group blog =)

  2. Wow this is a really cool site. Breast cancer is a horrible disease. My mom is a 3 year survivor.

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