Meet the board: Emilie Sommer


name: Emilie Sommer
PI role: founder and president
business affiliation: emilie inc. photography, News Wedding Photographers & Roots Workshop
location: Portland, ME
hometown: Hollis, NH

why I got involved:
As you may know, I have been giving a portion of emilie inc. proceeds to breast cancer research for the last several years, and more recently named this my Pink Initiative program.

The idea for the Pink Initiative is a personal one. Nearly 18 years ago, my mother’s best friend Donna passed away from breast cancer. I was 12 years old then and can still vividly recall visiting Donna in the hospital, watching as my mother carefully cut the lettuce of her lunch in bed and later applied her lipstick. It was my first experience losing someone to this disease and Donna’s legacy has always been the motivation behind my involvement in breast cancer activities.

Donna’s life has touched mine in another profound way, as well. In their sorrow, my mom and Donna’s husband Steve helped each other in their shared grief and developed a friendship that eventually turned to love. Steve and my mom married, and I am blessed with a stepfather who I have long admired for his kindness, strength and compassion.

In the years since, I have volunteered both time and money to breast cancer charities. Both as a woman and now as a business owner, I feel so strongly about making a positive impact on our community and a responsibility to help fund research for this all-too-common disease.

After some thoughtful consideration, I have chosen to grow and become a non-profit!


One Response to “Meet the board: Emilie Sommer”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    Emilie, this is a very heartwarming story! I am moved by your dedication. Love the Pink Initiative logo. Best wishes for success in this endeavor. Barbara

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