Meet the board: Kelsie Knight


name: Kelsie Knight
PI role: donation tracker
business affiliation: emilie inc. client representative
location: Portland, ME
hometown: Hillsboro, NH

why i got involved: Nearly all of us know someone who has cancer today, or someone that had it – and beat it – those are the good stories! There are many family members and friends in my life that have been affected by cancer, many of them breast cancer. It is a horrible disease that affects all of us – men and women of all shapes, sizes and colors. It knows no boundaries. However, progress is being made. In terms of breast cancer, early detection methods and diagnostic tools are helping, along with advances in treatment options. After recently getting married and joining my life with my husband’s, I’m at a time where I find myself being inspired by people that are doing work they truly believe in and causes that fight for the greater good. Emilie is one of those people and the Pink Initiative is one of those causes. I’ve decided to volunteer my time and efforts to help with the Pink Initiative because promoting health and wellness is something I feel strongly about and am inspired by. It is an honor to be able to join forces with the other Pink Initiative board members to collaborate in an effort to fight for a cure. To know that our collective efforts may help fund someone’s treatment, lead to another success story, or fund further research that leads to a cure, is the most gratifying feeling!


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